Freezer Integration Consulting, LLC

A Limited Liability Company

Serving the Energy Industry with Project and Construction Management, Engineering Design, and Procurement Services

Our service offering

Founded in 2012, Freezer Integration Consulting LLC provides Project and Construction Management, Engineering Design, and Procurement services to the Oil and Gas industry. Our fully developed Oil and Gas Facility Integration Plan enhances collaboration and project efficiency. Use of project process flow mapping from routing, land, survey, permits, engineering, procurement and construction defines best known methods for continual improvement. Defining the interface points, goals, and stakeholders aids in optimizing the project processes.


Our methods also emphasize optimizing the process of engineering and construction of the oil and gas production system. Focusing on converting the commodity into revenue, we continually improve the business model. Use of design templates, packagers, and high performance teams that can convert plans into operating gathering systems.

Evaluating stakeholder service offerings and integration plans for the best return on assets for your oil and gas gathering system investment.

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